Virgil Walter Moneysmith was born September 10, 1910, in Mishawaka, Indiana. In those days, for reasons they understood then, little boys were often dressed up in dresses, at least for special occasions. We're quite sure Virgil wasn't very excited about this picture in his later life; in fact, his children never saw it until after he was gone! Virgil with his mother, Minnie Squibb Moneysmith. Minnie died January 27, 1927, from complications following surgery, so Virgil's wife never knew her mother-in-law, and his children never knew this grandmother.

On On August 5, 1933, Virgil married Esther Hawkins. The following year, they went to central Africa as missionaries. During their first term of service there, daughter Esther Joanne was born. When they prepared to return to Africa in 1938 after their first furlough, they took this blue  pickup truck with them.

During their second term, Don Paul (on tricycle) and Dorothy Louise joined the family. They stayed in Africa longer than usual that time, until World War II was over.
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