Time Line of Peter Compton’s Family

Prepared by Charles Bud Compton

This is basically a chronology of the immediate family. Might not be perfect. At some point in time, part of Steuben County became Schuyler. I believe it was 1840.

When births are close like Samuel and Amelia, I use a minimum of 8 weeks between birth and conception of next child. Same with Charley and Andy.

1799  Peter Compton born Orange County NY April 25.

1802  Maria Buckbee born February 21, in New York City.

1819  Moved to Steuben Co. NY.

1821  Peter Compton and Maria Buckbee marry February 21, in Steuben Co. NY.

1821  First child born, dies before being named [Harriet Robinson].

1822  Samuel B. Compton born January 1 (educated guess)

1822  Amelia born Steuben Co, NY November 13, 11 mons between Samuel & Amelia

1825  Samuel B. Compton dies, April 15.

1825  Hannah Louise Compton born in February.

1828  Charles Leake Compton born November 20.

1829  Andrew J. Compton born in Orange, NY, December 4th.

1832  Maria F. Compton is born; last mention of in mother’s obit—she is in ND 1892.

1833  Clara Malvina Compton born November. Steuben County.

1836  Marion Virginia Compton born March 10. Steuben County.

1838  1st Harriet Compton born.

1840  Daughter born, January 1, 1840.

1840  1st Harriet dies, September 5, 1840.

1840  Daughter born in January1840, renamed Harriet Josephine, Steuben County.

1841  Hannah Louise Compton (16) dies, April 19, 1841; Mother Hannah Phebe dies April 26.

1841  Alonzo Gaylord (Gale) Compton is born November 24.

1846  Amelia Compton (24) marries John Parker maybe. Frankie born June 1847.

1849/50 Charles (21) and Andrew Compton (20) leave with John Parker for California Gold Rush.

1852  Peter (53) takes his daughters Maria F. (20)  and Marion V.(16)  to California.

1853  Maria marries Levi Small Wakefield October 2, in Grass Valley.

1855  Peter (56) takes his daughter Clara (22) to Grass Valley. In 1855 census he is back in NY.

1857  Peter and Andrew go back to Havana to get family.

1857  Peter sues his son-in-law John Parker (Amelia’s husband).

1858  Andrew (29) marries Elvira Coryell (18) while in Havana. Returns to Grass Valley with father 

          (59), mother (56), and Gaylord (17) on steamer. Harriet (18) stays in NY to be married.

1859  Andrew’s first son, Charles C. Compton, born in Grass Valley.

1859  Harriet (19) marries Don Robinson November 16 in NY.

1860  Everybody in California except Harriet. Maria in SF with Levi.

1860  Harriet Compton Robinson enumerated with Coryell family, age 21, married.

1861  Peter (62) with Andrew (32) and family return to Havana due to Civil War.

1861  Andrew’s 2nd son, Harry Brady Compton, is born December 16th in NY.

1862  Andrew commissioned Captain of Company B. 141st Reg. September 11, 1862.

1862  Marion Virginia Compton (26) marries Reuben Leech, November 5 in Grass Valley.

1864  Andrew (35) wounded at New Hope Church, Battle of Dallas, May 25, 1864.

1864  Andrew discharged, September 28, from Union Army in Atlanta.

1865  Clara Malvina Compton (33) marries A.B. Brady.

1866  Andrews 3rd child, Fred Compton, is born in NY.

1867  Peter (68) returns to California to work on CP Railroad building Snow Sheds.

1870  Peter (71) returns to NY; Peter in census with Andrew and family in NY.

1871  Andrew and Charles sell to Elijah Brooks (October 19) the property Peter had deeded to them.

1874  Andrew (45) back in Grass Valley before June 27th. His return in paper on 28th.

1878  John Parker sells his store in Grass Valley.

1881  Andrew [52] dies February 17, from pneumonia in Grass Valley.

1882 to 1887  Gale is co-owner of the Grass Valley Union.

1885  Peter [86] dies in Rapid City( SD), Dakota Territory.

1896  Maria Buckbee Compton (90) dies in Grass Valley December 18.

1898  Amelia (76) dies in San Francisco March 17. (No mention in obit of Maria F. Compton-Wakefield so can assume she died between her mother in 1896 and sister Amelia in 1898.)

1900  Rueben Leech (67) dies in Grass Valley October 1; born January 13, 1833.

1901  John Parker died.

1902  Marion Virginia Compton Leech (66) marries James C. Conaway. He dies in 1919.

1905  Alexander Buchannan Brady (80) dies.

1917  Charles Leake Compton (89) dies January 27th in Smartsville, Yuba County.

1918  Gaylord (75) commits suicide, November 11 (13 days before his 75th birthday).

1921  Marion Virginia Compton Leech/Conaway (85) dies September 30 in Grass Valley.

1924  Clara Malvina Compton Brady (91) dies 26th March in Grass Valley.

1935  Harriet J. Compton Robinson (95) dies October 18, Nevada City.