Reunion in a Special Family

In October 1913, the Grass Valley Daily Morning Union of Grass Valley , CA , ran a story about a special family reunion and family picture. Peter Compton’s five surviving children had gotten together, reportedly for the first time in forty years. They were all 73 or older, and someone calculated the total of their ages at 388 years. They had been born between 1828 and 1841. The newspaper referred to them as “a remarkable family of pioneer stock.”

Top row: Alonzo Gaylord (Gale), 73, and Marion Virginia Compton Leech/Conaway, 76,

Center: Charles Leak, 85.

Seated: Harriet Josephine Compton Robinson, 74, and Clara Malvina Compton Brady, 80.


Footnote: Charles, the oldest, lived another three years until early 1917. Sadly, late in 1918 Gale committed suicide. Sisters Marion and Clara died in the early ‘20s, but Harriet lived until 1935 when she was two and a half months short of 96.