Will of William Hawkins

I WILLIAM HAWKINS of Plimouth Esq. 6th Oct. 1589

My body to be buried in place & sort as my brother Sr John Hawkins Knt.& my wife Marie Hawkins shall think most convenient

Concerning my said wife & the children I have now living as well by her as by my former wife, & all my lands I dispose of them as follows -an annuity of 40 to William Hawkins my eldest son for life out of my lands in Plimouth

I give all my lands so charged & all my other lands whatsoever to my wife Marie for life, with remainder to Richard Hawkins my eldest son by the said Marie, & to his heirs male, with remainder respectively in tail mail to Francis my 2"d, Nicholas, my 3,d, William my 4th son &~my own right heirs for ever

To Judith Whitakers one of my daughters "all that my bargayne of Hindwell"

To William Whitakers her eldest son, my grandchild 10 & to every of her other children 5.

To Clare Michaell my daughter 40

[Several legacies to servants.]

All the rest of my goods to be divided into 3 equal parts, one 3rd part to be divided among all my Children by my wife Marie, another 3rd part to my wife Marie, & the remaining one to my brother Sir John Hawkins

I constitute my wife my sole Executrix, and my brother Sir John Hawkins& Anthony Halse gent. my brother in law my Supervisors

Read, signed & sealed in the presence of Edward Combes, Robert Peterson, W~' Hales, Thos. Nun, James Finche, Ric. Wood, Ric. Hawkins, Ric. Collyns, Charles Fenton.

Proved in London 20th Oct. 1589 by Marie the relict. [Leicester, 78.] *16