Julie's Tribute

     Eleven years ago, little could I have fathomed that on this day I would be standing at the graveside of Roxana Wells, presenting her beautiful Bible to one her descendants. After receiving it, the antique family Bible gained much more meaning to me. I now think of it more as a memoir of Roxana's life. New discoveries emerged from within the old, tattered Bible, making her story come alive. After sifting through the many pages, I discovered numerous sentimental treasures hidden inside: old letters, a photograph, recipes, her marriage certificate, lace from a wedding dress, and much more. Soon a story began to unfold of a godly woman named Roxana Wells.
    I consider, in some manner, Roxana to be a part of my family, as I have gotten to know much about her during the past eleven years. I will always harbor these sentiments in my heart. Since I acquired her Bible, it has been my intent to find one of Roxy's descendants so this Bible could be in the possession of her family. Last October, I finally found Esther Gross through the use of the Internet. I am now pleased to say that Roxy's Bible will be in the hands of her great-great-granddaughter Esther. 
     If Roxy can see us right now, I am certain she is smiling down with great delight to see that her Bible has made such a miraculous journey and has ultimately found it way into the hands of a family member. After being a mere caretaker of this cherished Bible for eleven years, it gives me great honor to present it to you, Esther!
                                                      Julie K. Flietstra
July 27, 2003